A Great Way To Peace Happiness And Prosperity

About Us

In quest of Peace, Happiness & Prosperity for the nation, the maestro – Alhaj Sufi Mohamed Mizanur Rahman envisioned himself in 1969 to shape the leading business conglomerate in Bangladesh, is now the well-known PHP Family. The group comprises over 30 companies that are operating in diversified business sectors like; Steel, Float Glass, Aluminum, Textiles, Power, Petro Refinery, Financial Services, Agro and so on. Pioneering the steel and float glass industries in Bangladesh, PHP Family has been continuously exploring newer horizons each day with innovative & eco-friendly technologies.

Each of our endeavors is always focused on the progress and self-reliance of the country and enriching people’s lives. Through our business activities, we aim to create economic value and to actively contribute to the society.

We focus on Premium Products strategy, continuously develop and improve its competitiveness by adopting state of the art technology and ensure functional customer service.

We recognize that the earth is a shared and finite resource that we all must safeguard for generations to come. It is our commitment to sustainability that drives our operations to adopt management systems and best practices that foster continuous improvement in our processes; preserving vital resources and ensuring the future of the industry.

We believe, “The highest art in human life is to awaken the dormant will force lying inside within and to nurse it to face the trials of lives manfully with courage and determination”. To develop an enlighten generation to serve the country; we have extended our CSR initiatives and supports not only to a number of educational institutions but also health care (community hospitals, eye hospitals, diabetic hospitals) and through Rotary Club as well.

Transformation to PHP Family

The owners and sponsors formed PHP Group of Industries with a view ensuring coherent, combined and consolidation of financial, management, marketing strength among the different industrial units under the PHP umbrella with extreme team spirit, interlinked cooperation as well as to exploring potentials reaching sustainable and durable business organization in the Country.

After a certain period, the Board visualized that employer and employees are part & parcel of the organization. Success of business organization is the outcome of pragmatic contribution & involvement in business both by employer & employee. All belong to a family.

Therefore, every organization should be looked into family concept for stepping forward towards reaching the desired destination. This way PHP Group has turned into PHP Family as if it is a happy marriage between employer & employee.