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Bangla International Airlines Ltd.

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BIAL Helicopter VIP Charter Service:


Bangla International Airlines Ltd (BIAL), a joint venture of Union Group and PHP Family offers non scheduled charter helicopter service in Bangladesh. It operates two helicopters – a Bell 407 and a Robinson R44 Raven II. BIAL also own the largest private hangar in Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport.


With an option of either 3 (Robinson) or 6 (Bell) passenger capacity BIAL can fly anywhere in Bangladesh with an unparalleled level of service, comfort and safety that ensures you timely arrival at your place of destination. Be it for business or pleasure, you can safely depend on BIAL for all your aerial travel needs within the country.


Bell 407 Robinson R44 Raven II
Registration: S2 AFY
Company: Bell Helicopter Textron (BHT)
Origin: Canada
Facility: Full Air Conditioning, Stereo.
No. of Seats: 07 (06 passengers)
Cruising speed: 240 Km/hr
Fuel Consumption: 180 ltr/hr
No of Rotor Blades: 04
No. of Engine: Single (Rolls Royce, USA)
Registration: S2 AAS
Company: Robinson Helicopter Copany (RHC)
Orgin: USA
Facility: Full Air Conditioning, Stereo.
No. of Seats: 04 (03 passengers)
Cruising speed: 210 Km/hr
Fuel Consumption: 65 ltr/hr
No of Rotor Blades: 02
No. of Engine: Single (Lycoming, USA)
Our services include
  • VIP Air Taxi
  • Corporate Air Transport
  • Air Ambulance / Patient Transfer
  • Pleasure Flights ( Wedding, Excursion, Sight Seeing)
  • Aerial Photography and Filming
  • Visual and Aerial Reconnaissance
  • Cargo Delivery etc.

Where time is money and avoidance of unbearable traffic is a priority, BIAL is there to assist you to get to where you are needed with the comfort and excitement of a free flying bird. Enjoy a free flown ride through the serene sky of Bangladesh, enjoying lush green pastures, winding rivers and crisscrossed road networks below. Feel liberated like a bird on its wings. See nature unwind around you with a calm, quiet and tranquil disposition seated in air-conditioned leather-clad cabin and hi-fi stereo.


Come and enjoy a luxurious journey over the city skyline!



                                                                                                                                                     Hoteline For Booking:

+8801952-224466, +8801939-907400

+8801939-907415, +8801977-707722