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Plantation Project


PHP group has started a plantation project approximately 111.4 acre in Barabkunda under Sitakund Upazilla situated on the eastern side of Dhaka-Chittagong railway track since 2005 with the objectives of forest restoration, biodiversity conservation, creating employment opportunities, generate income, creating CDM related project, mitigating climate change impact and above all contribute in achieving environmental sustainability. The project area is a part of Sitakund forest range and topographically comprises of a number of hills and valleys. The altitude of the area ranges from 99m to 160m above mean sea level. Mean temperature of the area ranges from 110C -330C and rainfall is around 3000mm per year. Soils of the area can be categorized as hill soils.

The plantation project is being maintained in an organized manner with direct supervision by PHP management and guidance from a professional forestry academician, so there is enough scope to create employment opportunity. So far 60 permanent staffs and another 40 to 45 temporary manpower are engaged in this project that contributes towards economic development of the country by creating more employment facilities. The plantation project was so designed if matured it will give a good opportunity to create aesthetic values of the forests that will bring the nature lovers visit the site and create opportunity to develop the area as recreational spot and will generate more employment opportunity in future.