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Environment Care

PHP FGIL has established physical factors and work environment needed to achieve product conformity. These include:

Physical Factors:

  • Heat excluding areas is necessary to maintain a temperature of 24±30C e.g. Testing Laboratory, Control room and work areas are kept within a temperature range of 30±50C. If necessary proper air circulation with exhaust fan are maintained.
  • Light level: 300~500 lumen as per requirements.
  • Cleanliness: Total cleanliness in working area.
  • Air flow: Well ventilation is provided at the work areas, exhaust fans are provided where cross ventilation is absent.
  • Hygiene: Cleanliness is maintained throughout the work areas as it is the primary requirement for a Good Hygiene Practice. First-aid boxes are available at appropriate locations of work areas, safe drinking water is supplied, good number of clean toilets is made available at appropriate locations and Medical service is available from the local hospital/clinic.

Glass Human Factors:

  • Safety: Working areas where special safety/security needed are marked with red line for safe walking passage, all moving parts are covered with safety covers, and all protruding edges etc. are marked for safety first. All the gates are kept clean for emergency exits. Regular fire drills are maintained. Sufficient numbers of fire extinguishers are available inside the building in addition to water hydrant. Safe drinking water is available in all sections. First aid boxes are supplied to all sections.