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Process & Technology

FLOAT GLASS: The production process starts at sand washing plat to wash the impurities of basic raw material- Silica sand. At the same time, other raw materials like; Dolomite, Limestone and Feldspar get crushed in the batch plant. After sieving and grinding Soda Ash, Salt Cake and Coal Powder, all the raw materials mixing process go through the batch plant with proper weight and ratio through an electric scale and batch control system.

Main manufacturing process starts from Melting section to have molten glass of stable quality. Molten material then flows to Forming section to get flow amount of molten glass into tin bath and width of glass ribbon that can guarantee the forming quality of to reach standard requirement. Then it comes to Annealing lehr to cool down glass ribbon according to preset annealing curve to Cold-end system. According to practical requirement and detailed condition of the production line, Cold-end includes emergency cutting area, quality inspection, scoring & snapping, stacking, packing and finished product transfer.

The manufacturing process follows the Chinese Luoyang Float Glass Technology.

SILVER COATED MIRROR: The production line uses principle of high performance deoxidization for production of Silver Coated Glass Mirror. In this process, metal silver film deposited from silver complex solution is uniformly adhered to glass surface to be coated. Then it uses chemical copper coating method for re coating a copper film on the silver film that protects silver film against corrosion. At the same time, chemical copper coating strengthens tile adhering force of silver film. Finally, a shower painting machine uniformly applies two layers protective paint. After baking and air drying, high grade silver mirror product is obtained.

PHP FGIL is using the latest Luoyang Float Glass Technology of China and produces Float Glass with different thicknesses & sizes as per Japanese Industrial Standard JIS R3202-1996.

Main machineries has provided by CNHDI and CNTIC of China and major operation control equipment and software is from USA, Germany and some other countries.