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Ship Recycling

The company was incorporated in the name of M/s. PHP Ship Breaking and Recycling Industries Limited since March 2000 and before it was operating in the different names. PHP Ship Breaking and Recycling Industries Limited is the only ship recycling facility at Bangladesh which complying the requirements of Hong Kong International Convention. Total area of the Yard is 20.19 Acre. So far organization has demolished around 140 Nos. of different types and size of ships with approximate tonnage 1.71M LDT, and counting.

Organization has developed Ship Recycling Facility Plan (SRFP) to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and a strong commitment to worker health and safety and protection of the environment. The SRFP is also describing the operational processes and procedures involved in ship recycling at PHP Ship Breaking and Recycling Industries Ltd., demonstrating how the requirements of the Hong Kong Convention is complied. Its covers the requirements of workwers safety and training, protection of human health and the environment, roles and responsibilities of personnel, emergency preparedness and response and systems for monitoring, reporting and record-keeping.

On the 15th January 2020, Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK), the independent certification and classification agency, based in Japan awarded a Statement of Compliance (SOC) to the Hong Kong International Convention (HKC) for the safe and environmentally sound recycling of ships, 2009 to the PHP Ship Breaking and Recycling Industries Ltd, based in Chittagong, Bangladesh. This is the first ship recycling facility in the country to receive an internationally recognised certification and represents a bold and courageous step forward on the global stage to compete with India and Turkey. PHP SBRIL is also certificated for ISO 30000:2009 – Ship Recycling Management System from RINA and against the first in Bangladesh.

The SRF is also certified for management system certification (i.e. ISO 9001 – Quality Management System, ISO 14001 – Environment Management System, ISO 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System) from well known classification and certification agency (Bureau Veritas). Management system certification, support and streamline the ship recycling activities as well as ensures the environment, health and safety requirements.

The SOC demonstrates that a ship recycling facility meets a wide range of stringent environmental and social criteria listed in the HKC, globally accepted as the leading standard in the sector.

This achievement is no small feat. It is the culmination of four years of intensive hard work building the facility’s concrete floors and docking platform, procuring the best equipment and aggressively training staff to perform at the highest standards. All of which required an investment of $ 4 million (Phase I). The SRF wanted to prove that despite the huge challenges, a state of the art green facility comparable to those in India and Turkey was possible in Bangladesh, and now PHP have done just that. In addition, PHP recently became the first and only facility in Bangladesh to receive a “green vessel” from Brazilian ship owner for recycling with specific environmental requirements.

For any business to survive, let alone perform to international good and best practice standards, takes immeasurable resilience. At a time when the return on investment was unclear, PHP SBRIL decided that doing the right thing, the ethos on which the PHP Family business is founded, was more important. As Bangladesh’s largest conglomerate, the company operates in multiple sectors but has a deep connection with ship recycling as it was their first business. The Company is built on strong family values and they guide us along the right path. All our industries operate to the highest standards and ship recycling should be no different.

Our next goal is to be the best ship recycling facility in the world, and we want to do this in partnership with innovative ship owners and the international community. The Bangladesh government is already onboard and will continue to provide further support to the ship recycling industry to green its standards and practices. The company is inviting ship owners; the EU and industry stakeholders to visit the PHP ship recycling facility and see for themselves what has been achieved in Bangladesh with determination and faith.