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Product Specification
Cold Rolled Coils Full hard, slightly oiled, clean & bright surface, Thickness range: 0.098 mm to 0.445 mm
Width Range: 750 mm to 1000 mm.
Coil Weight: 4 to 6MT
Soft CRCA Coils Soft, annealed, Skin passed, slit edge and slightly oiled.
Thickness Range: 0.25 mm to 1.60 mm
Width Range: 77 mm (multi-slitted) to 975 mm
Galvanized Coils/Plain Sheets/CI Sheets Full hard, regular spangles, bright, chromated, unoiled.
Corrugated Iron Sheet Thickness range: 0.120 mm to 0.510 mm,
Width Range: 762 mm to 914 mm.
Length of Sheet: 6 feet to 10 feet
Coil Weight: 4 to 6MT Bundle weight: 3MT