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BAY Terminal and Distribution Company Ltd.

Company Brief:

In the name of Bay Terminal & Distribution Company Limited, PHP Family has stepped into the industry of liquid bulk bitumen processing. BTDCL was established in 1998 with an aim to import liquid bulk bitumen and distribution /marketing of the same along with other products required for construction of roads & high way, Air port runways etc. BTDCL was ever-first bitumen plant in the private sector in Bangladesh and also the pioneer that introduces the culture of using liquid bulk bitumen in road construction project. The plant is located in Jetty bound area at Patenga, Chittagong.

The total shore tanks capacity is 10,000 M/Tons. Annual handling capacity of the plant is 1, 00,000 M/Tons out of which about 50% is handled in bulk and rest in drums. The production capacity of the drum manufacturing unit is 1500 drums per day and 4, 00,000 drums per annum.

In time to time Bay Terminal & Distribution Company Limited imports bulk bitumen from Singapore Oil Company Private Limited (SRC), Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOC), PETRONAS (Petrolium Nasional Berhad) Malaysia and Kemaman Bitumen Refinery, Malaysia.

The company has a large fleet of heavy vehicles consisting of prime movers, bitumen bowsers and trailers mounted with 20 M/Tons ISO bulk bitumen containers etc. This fleet is generally used to supply bulk bitumen in 10 M/tons and 20 M/Tons parcels as per requirements of clients throughout the country. Another regular utilization of this fleet is for internal carriage of bulk bitumen from storage tank located at Unit I to the drum packaging point located at Unit II.


Finished products Bituminous products
Heated Liquid Petroleum Bitumen in Bulk. 80/100 PEN (Grade) Bitumen.
Empty drums (Capacity: 150 Kg.) 60/70 PEN (Grade) Bitumen.
Petroleum Bitumen in drum package.

* Other related grades could be delivered on request.

Process of Bitumen Handling System at UNIT 1:

BTDCL imports heated petroleum bitumen from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and India via specialized sea vessels. While the vessel takes berth at River Moring, quantification of imported cargo are conducted by qualified surveyors engaged by all concerned. Thereafter flexible hoses are connected in between dock line and ships manifold. On the other hand allege and quantification of receiving shore tank is also done under joint supervision. Then the ship pumps the cargo into shore storage tanks.

The liquid cargo is stored in the shore tank under certain temperature and delivered time to time directly to clients as well as to Unit-II for the purpose of drum filling.

Drum Manufacturing & Bitumen Filling:


Bitumen drums are made from annealed cold rolled sheets having thickness of 0.40 to 0.60 mm. BTDCL made the drums in required process and then finished drums are shifted through conveyor to the bitumen filling area. Thereafter these drums are delivered to the customers as per scheduled via different mode of transport.

Bitumen Handling System at UNIT 2:

Bulk bitumen is shifted from BTDCL Unit-I to Unit-II through Bowser and gets unloaded in the storage tank. After required heat treatment it supplied to drum filling area through pipeline. The empty drums received from the manufacturing factory are filled under loading rack ensuring proper net & gross weight and being sealed with manual cap sealing machine. Filled bitumen drums are allowed to stay in the stockyard for around 48 hours for cooling down to ambient temperature.

Machineries and Technology:

BTDCL is duly equipped with machineries origin from USA, China and India.

Manufacturing Standards:

(International Standards of the relevant field)

International standard is maintained.

Quality Control:

BTDCL ensures the specific quality standard through regular lab test in different level of processing of the product. Imported bitumen quality is always authenticated by certificate of quality & certificate of origin.