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PHP Petro Refinery Ltd.

Company Brief:

Bangladesh has to meet the increasing energy demand to alleviate poverty in line with vision 2021 and to achieve the Millennium development goals. In our quest to serve the country’s energy needs and to add further value, we are executing the petro refinery complex. The primary energy sources of the country named gas, coal and other mineral sources have been taken into consideration in order to ensure the energy demand. Significant quantity of Condensate is recovered along with gas production.

To meet the increasing demand of Petroleum products, PHP Family constructed a condensate processing plant named PHP Petro Refinery Limited with capacity of 33,000 MT/annum.


PHP Petro Refinery Limited produces 5 petroleum products including 2 non-fuel products, namely SBPS and MTT. More products (by distillation cuts and blending) may be produced subject to specification and market demand.

SL Name of Product Description
1 SBPS(Special Boiling Point Solvent) It is a sweetened light gasoline (LG) and is used as industrial solvent and also in dry cleaning.
2 MS-Regular Widely known as petrol, is used as fuel in petrol engines. It is a light petroleum distillate and has an Octane rating of 78 RON (Research Octane Number).
3 MTT(Mineral Turpentine) It is the distillate lighter kerosene specially treated for use as thinner and solvent in paints and varnishes. It is also known as Turpentine oil or white spirit.
4 SKO(Superior Kerosene Oil) It is commonly known as Kerosene and mostly used for illumination and as heating fuel.
5 HSD(High Speed Diesel) It is a distillate fuel and popularly known as diesel and is used as fuel in high speed diesel engines of automobiles and irrigation pumps. It is also used in diesel generators for power generation.

Environmental Care:

In the current global warming scenario, environmental impact is a vital issue for sustainable development and growth. PHP Family is very much enthusiastically conscious about the environment issue in each and every of its industrial plant. As same in petro refinery compound, the processing facilities are highly sophisticated, environmental friendly that complies with environmental standard specification of regulatory guideline.

The necessary works for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been completed and hence environmental license from competent authority; DoE already been issued.

Pollution Control System:

  1. Emission to atmosphere is the most obvious form of pollution and is the first target to pollution control. The main atmospheric pollutant emitted from this plant is hydrocarbon gases. A flare unit is established to incinerate the pollutant.
  2. Recovery of oil from oily-water is the second target for pollution control. We have established API Separator to recover the oil from oily-water. The oil so recovered is recycled to recovery tank and the water send to waste water treatment plant for irrigation and other uses.