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Process & Technology

The production process involved for realizing the products are the following:


Pickling Line:

In this process, scale/rust is removed from the surface of Hot Rolled coils by using Hydrochloric acid. The HR coils is passed through HCL acid tanks and further passes through water rinsing section to clean the acid. This line is having on “trimming” facility to remove the bad edges. It has built in features to avoid Over/Under pickling which are detrimental to rolling process.

Cold Rolling:

Pickled Hot rolled coils having higher thickness are reduced to thinner gauges by Cold Rolling in 6HI Reversing single stand Cold Rolling Mill. This mill is equipped with advanced automation, computer control which ensures closed tolerance thickness and perfect flatness with consistency. It has special features like Intermediate roll shifting, roll bending arrangement to get good shape.


Cold Rolled coils trimmed to remove the bad edges and edge wavyness to get finished edge and to get exact width in Rewinding Line.


It is a process of applying protective Zinc coating on Cold Rolled Steel sheet to avoid “rust”. We have latest state of the art technology Non Ox (NOF) Hot Dip Galvanizing Lines where CR coils are passed to Molten Zinc bath to coat alloy zinc in controlled way. Main features are:

  • Lead Free zinc coating producing environment friendly material
  • We can produce soft and Hard material
  • Set up to control uniform coating across width
  • On line Tension Leveler to produce perfect flatness.

Cut-To Length:

Galvanized coils are cut in to different lengths as per customer requirement.


GP Sheets are formed in sinusoidal shape for roofing purpose.