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Quality Control

For PHP Family, QUALITY & TRUST are one and the same. To ensure the quality standard, tests are done in different stages of production and corrective actions being taken immediately by eliminating non-conformity, if any. In case of any deviation in quality, production process gets stopped and trial continues till to the required conformity of the product is ensured. Inspection and testing of the products are done as per the standard specifications that we follow. Products are not allowed to pass the steps until specified testing is not done. Quality plan in our Rolling & Galvanizing units has been established to check the products at the final stages. To check and ensure quality of finished product, samples are taken from coils before packaging. No product is allowed to enter the finished goods area or packed until final inspection is done. Records of inspections and testing are maintained in due manner. Authorities responsible for inspection and testing are identifiable from the inspection notes at all stages.