Our Achievements


Sufi Mohamed Mizanur Rahman started his partnership business in 1969 and engaged himself mostly in commodity trading and later on, immediately after the liberation, the business has been extended to other ventures namely Ship-Recycling, Rubber plantation and Fisheries in small scale at Chittagong alongside GP/CI Sheet manufacturing plant at Dhaka. The “Camel” brand CI Sheet from his flag-ship GP/CI plant was very popular at that time and captured the lion-share as a premium-product in that market segment. Within two decades, Mr. Rahman gained the acceptability & trustworthiness based on proven track record of commitment & business ethics among the business community and financial institutions. In 1999, the partnership business dissolved unevenly and he had to come out only with the ventures located in Chittagong and huge burden of bank loan. It may be mentioned that most of the profitable businesses under partnership firm had been located in Dhaka which he had to forego. At the same year, Mr. Rahman started PHP Group considering his believe in Allah & his goodwill as business capital. At this crucial moment, his 7 sons started returning home one by one from USA & Australia after completing their graduation. Eventually, within very short period of time, PHP Group has been spread its wings in different domain of businesses. Hard work, business ethics, commitment, modern management theories practiced by young educated Directors mixed with Mr. Rahman’s wisdom & visionary leadership backed by good numbers of hired business professionals has been propelled the tremendous growth of PHP Family.