PHP Float Glass

Bangladesh witnessed a groundbreaking achievement when PHP presented eco-accommodating structure diagrams, establishing the foundation of the nation's first Float Glass Industry (FGIL). PHP FGIL was able to produce Glass Edging, Beveling, OG Molding, Drilling, and Tempered Glass in addition to a premium Silver Mirror plant and a glass handling line thanks to this bold move. Banding together with Luoyang Float Glass Innovation of China, PHP FGIL offered new-age designs that enhanced the country’s building construction. PHP Tempered Glass made use of cutting-edge European Oscillating Tempering furnace technology to meet the escalating market demand. With this headway, PHP FGIL accomplished a remarkable creation pace of 74 M2 per hour for treated units, flaunting a 100 percent stacking surface limit with respect to 10 mm glass. On the premises of the Float Glass Industry plant, the management set up PHP Power Company Limited in 2005, adding to the total power capacity of 11.800 MW. This ensures a consistent electricity supply for the floating glass plants. Later, the Power Company and PHP Float Glass Industries Ltd. were merged by management to achieve administrative benefits and cost reductions. This merger was formally approved by the High Court Division of the Honorable Supreme Court of Bangladesh and took effect on December 1, 2019.

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