Sufi Mizan Foundation


As the PHP family ventured into industrial development, they recognized the importance of caring for the society they operated in. Taking an altruistic approach, the Chairman and Board of Directors initiated charitable efforts aimed at assisting the less fortunate anonymously. This led to the establishment of the non-profit organization 'Sufi Mizan Foundation,' dedicated to providing society with healthcare, education, and other essential services. Registered under The Societies Registration Act 1860 of the Government of the Republic of Bangladesh, Sufi Mizan Foundation is a non-profit, non-political, non-governmental society committed to humanitarian and social welfare initiatives.

About Us

The Sufi Mizan Foundation is officially registered under The Societies Registration Act 1860 by the Government of the Republic of Bangladesh. It operates as a non-profit, non-political, and non-governmental humanitarian and social welfare society. The Foundation is governed by a nine-member Executive Committee, which includes the Honorable Chairman, Madam Chairman, and members of the Board of Directors of PHP Family. Under their esteemed leadership, the Foundation carries out a diverse range of welfare projects, focusing on education, healthcare, the publication of moral and religious books and journals, and organizing regular seminars on religious events both within and outside Bangladesh.

  1. The objects for which the society is established are as follows:
  2. To undertake and carry on any humanitarian or charitable program like hospital, medical for the poor andunder privileged people.
  3. The establish run and maintain School, College, Madrasha, University and such other educational institutionboth general and technical for the purpose of diffusion of useful knowledge among the people or target group.
  4. To take up program for promotion of literature, fine art, science and education.
  5. To take up program to distribute relief among the neglected, poverty stricken in the event or any naturalcalamity like flood, storm, cyclone and earth quack.
  6. To arrange/take up training activities of improved educational program for literate and half educated peoplefor the purpose of increasing working ability.
  7. To make awareness among general public, poor masses and human society/regarding their beneficial program.
  8. To establish libraries, reading room, study centre for developing the habit of study for the benefit of thesociety.
  9. To publish rare/old manuscript of the lost folklore of the country including the myth book upon being collected.
  10. To arrange exhibition of fine art/painting through display centre/museum and mobile museum.
  11. To arrange display of sculpture/collection of painting through museum and mobile museum.
  12. To arrange painting collection by establishing educational institution of fine arts.
  13. To undertake motivation work among the human being/public to create awareness literature, arts science.
  14. To undertake program for educational research on archaeology and historical relies.
  15. To collect and preserve mechanical and scientific map and design for the benefit of members and the general public.
  16. To distribute books free of cost among the poor students Alem and Ulema of school, College, University and Madrasha for the purpose of amelioration of the quality of education.
  17. To establish library and reading room for the members and for the use of general public for the purpose of promotion of educational and culture.