Mohammed Mohsin



In 1998, Mohammed Mohsin obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration from Northeastern University, located in Boston, MA, USA.


At the helm of the PHP Family stands Mr. Mohammed Mohsin, the Vice-Chairman and eldest child of Alhaj Sufi Mohamed Mizanur Rahman. His journey in the business world began after he completed his diploma, and since then, he has surmounted various business challenges, demonstrating a combination of innate intelligence and acquired expertise. His visionary financial and marketing strategies have proved instrumental in generating favorable outcomes for the organization. In 1998, he obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Northeastern University in Boston, MA, USA, adding a strong academic foundation to his business prowess. Known for his direct and adaptable approach, Mr. Mohsin has built an exceptional reputation with governmental, quasi-governmental, and autonomous authorities, and his extensive networks encompass both print and electronic media.

Awards & Honors
  • Is an honorary Consul of the Republic of South Korea in Gazipur, Bangladesh.
  • Holds the prestigious title of Fellow of Paul Harry's Foundation, associated with Rotary International.
  • Is one of the Founding Sponsors of Independent University Bangladesh (IUB).
  • Is the former Director of the Chittagong Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
  • Is the former President of the Mohammedan Sporting Club.
  • Is a dedicated Lifetime Member of Chattogram Maa-O-Shishu Hospital, demonstrating commitment to charitable causes.
  • Social affiliations include memberships at renowned clubs such as The Chittagong Club Ltd, Shaheen Golf And Country Club, The Chittagong Boat Club, and The Chittagong Khulshi Club Ltd, highlighting active involvement in various social and recreational circles.
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