Mohammed Iqbal Hossain



In 1997, he successfully obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Northeastern University in Boston, MA, USA.


Alhaj Sufi Mohamed Mizanur Rahman's second son, Mohammed Iqbal Hossain, is PHP Family's Managing Director. As a devoted patriot, he is determined to drive the nation forward. In 1997, he graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Northeastern University in Boston, USA, marking the beginning of his successful career. Mohammed Iqbal Hossain has been instrumental in the establishment of import-replacement businesses throughout his career, including Bangladesh's pioneering CR Coils & Float Glass manufacturing facilities. These efforts encompass safeguarding hard-earned foreign currency and creating employment opportunities.

Awards & Honors
  • Is an honorary Consul of the Republic of Rwanda to Bangladesh.
  • Serves as the Director of the Chittagong Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
  • Is a distinguished Fellow of Paul Harry’s Foundation under Rotary International.
  • Is a Founding Sponsor of Independent University Bangladesh (IUB).
  • Is a Member of the Korea-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
  • Is a Lifetime Member of Chattogram Maa-o-Shishu Hospital, actively contributing to society.
  • Holds memberships in exclusive clubs like The Bhatiary Golf & Country Club, The Chittagong Club Ltd, The Comilla Club Ltd, Shaheen Golf and Country Club, The Chittagong Seniors' Club Ltd, The Chittagong Boat Club, and The Chittagong Khulshi Club Ltd, reflecting a commitment to various sectors and strong community connections.
Other Board Members
Mohammed Mohsin


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