Mohammed Amir Hossain



In 2002, Mohammed Amir Hossain graduated in Business Communication from the University of Canberra, Australia.


Mohammed Amir Hossain, an accomplished Managing Director at PHP Family, completed his graduation in Business Communication from the esteemed University of Canberra, Australia, in 2002. Upon returning to Bangladesh, he demonstrated visionary leadership by establishing the NOF Galvanized Line and Float Glass, pioneering the introduction of these first-of-their-kind ventures in the country. Subsequently, Mr. Hossain played crucial roles in various units within the PHP Family, including the Aluminum Product Unit, PHP Petro-Refinery, PHP Power Plant, PHP Sand Washing Plant, Tempered Plant, and Mirror Plant, showcasing his versatility and expertise in diverse industries. Furthermore, he exemplifies his commitment to environmental conservation by overseeing PHP Agro-Products Limited. Under his guidance, the company takes responsibility for significant initiatives like the 108 Plantation Project in Chittagong and other agricultural-oriented projects in the Rajshahi - Dinajpur region. Apart from his exceptional business acumen, Mr. Hossain nurtures a keen interest in literature, cultural activities, and world music, highlighting his appreciation for the arts and diverse cultures. His dedication and multifaceted interests contribute to his impactful presence in both the professional and cultural spheres.

Awards & Honors
  • Is a fellow of Paul Harry's Foundation (Rotary International).
  • Founding Sponsor of Independent University Bangladesh (IUB).
  • Holds Lifetime Membership at Chattogram Maa-o-Shishu Hospital, showcasing dedication to healthcare.
  • Is a Founding Member of the International Business Forum of Bangladesh (IBFB), contributing to economic growth.
  • Memberships at prestigious clubs:
    • Chittagong Boat Club.
    • The Shaheen Golf And Country Club.
    • The Chittagong Khulshi Club Ltd.
  • Makes considerable philanthropic efforts as a Donor Member of the Chittagong Disabled Center.
Other Board Members
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